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YouthIt empowers the health of the entire nation, bringing "precise nutrition" into millions of households.


Quality is the soul of a product. Especially in the food industry, authoritative testing is indispensable to ensure product quality.

When it comes to authoritative testing, the TGA certification has to be mentioned. The TGA certification is considered the highest internationally, as it is awarded by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia based on the certification of product quality and production. It not only applies to Australia but also enjoys a high reputation internationally. Passing the TGA certification means that the relevant product has gone through more than 600 quality inspections from raw materials to finished products during the production process, ensuring the quality and safety of the product.

Serving as the "expert in Australian home precision nutrition", our comprehensive range of Australian-produced products, including YouthIt Bilberry Complex, YouthIt Ultra Vision, and YouthIt High Strength Cranberry 65000, all possess the TGA certification, indicating their trustworthy quality.


Stay away from blue light damage and protect eye health

YouthIt Bilberry Complex, a prominent offering from YouthIt Eye Care, employs a comprehensive scientific formula that includes European blueberry extract as the primary component, along with lutein and zeaxanthin. This formulation works to repair the retina layer by layer, effectively safeguarding against blue light exposure and external intrusions. It stands as an outstanding companion for maintaining ocular health.


2023, YouthIt Ultra Vision emerged as another groundbreaking product, formulated with 15 high-purity nutritional ingredients, including three patented components. This formulation is specifically tailored for individuals who engage in ultra-high-intensity eye usage (daily eye use exceeding 12 hours), those exhibiting prominent ocular discomfort symptoms, and those who have undergone ophthalmic surgery.

Precisely address women's pressing concerns and elevate their innate charm

Addressing women's unique health concerns, YouthIt has introduced High Strength Cranberry 65000. Cranberries, renowned as the "ruby of women," are abundant in Type A proanthocyanidins, bioflavonoids, and vitamin C. This meticulously formulated YouthIt High Strength Cranberry 65000 aims to alleviate discomfort in women's intimate areas, fostering the development of radiant skin and exuding a healthy radiance.

Certainly, YouthIt's health products extend beyond the realm of unicase. To cater to the diverse health requirements of various demographics, YouthIt selects global-grade raw materials, leverages cutting-edge scientific research and technological advancements, and introduces nutritional supplements tailored to meet individual needs. This approach allows for targeted supplementation, or "precision nutrition," thereby fulfilling the ultimate goal of personalized health optimization.

YouthIt always strives to provide consumers with nutritional health products of higher quality and more suitable for human absorption, effectively meeting everyone's nutritional needs. In the future, YouthIt aims to continue using "precision nutrition" as its foundation to serve the varying health needs of its customers. They plan to establish a more comprehensive product range that spans a broad range of health categories, enabling the full penetration of health products and concepts. Leveraging an online and offline model, YouthIt strives to disseminate the gospel of health to a wider audience, enabling more individuals to embrace a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Company: Yarra Vibe Pty Ltd

NAME: Zoey Huang

Phone: 0425 570 209

Country: Melbourne, Australi


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