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JASMINER X4/X16 with ‘Large Volume + Low Price’


JASMINER recently announced the opening of the X4/X16 double product purchase carnival, which has set off a new round of " large volume + low price " storm. The purchase carnival started at the end of November and continues to be sold at the lowest price. The two popular computing products will continue to provide solid technical support for global users as a value computing resource, and reinvigorate the new vitality of cryptocurrency mining economy.


One of the highlights of this round of carnival is the launch of the JASMINER X4-Q at a " surprise price". JASMINER X4-Q was launched this year, with 3U innovative appearance form, quietness and other features to harvest the majority of users love. It uses 16 storage and computing integrated high throughput arithmetic chip processor, hash rate of 1040MH/s±10%, power consumption of only 370W±10%, energy efficiency ratio of 0.35J/MH, running noise of only 40dB±10%, suitable for home or personal studio environment. It is not only a small and beautiful mining rig, but also can meet the needs of professionalism, low noise and stable computing use. This X4-Q shocking price of $12.9/M will quickly lower the threshold of cryptocurrency hash computing for the majority of consumers and make the computing power universal to the extreme.


The second major highlight of this purchase carnival is the launch of the new X16-Q global pre-sale. JASMINER X16-Q applies the new generation of JASMINER self-developed high-throughput chip processor, and the chip performance is ten times higher than the X4 chip. It has a hash rate of 1845MH/s±10%, power consumption of only 630W±10%, and a world-leading energy efficiency ratio of 0.34J/MH, where the server runs with only 40dB±10% noise and 8G storage (DAG). Through continuous technological innovation and capacity expansion, JASMINER has kept the cost of X16-Q's single megabit hash rate below $1.50. With the competitive advantage of " large volume + low price", JASMINER will further drive the overall industry pulsation towards lower cost production of computing power.


As an early mover in the global high throughput chip mining market, JASMINER has targeted the home level cryptocurrency mining market since its inception, and has always insisted on independent R&D and innovation, providing the global market with one safe, reliable, efficient and energy-saving low-power mining product after another.

The launch of this double product purchase carnival is a useful attempt by JASMINER to adhere to the strategy of industry breakthrough and strengthen the industry pioneering under the new wave. In the future, JASMINER will be more close to the family needs of the scene, in the road of universal computing power, step by step to promote the "make trust more simple" vision of crypto.

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