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[Voice of China] Global Report by Chen Jinhui, Founder of the Dragon Sect, a Master of Divine Talent in 5000


【华夏之声】五千年神才圣手 龙派创始人 陈金辉 全球报道

personage introduction:

Chen Jinhui, born in 1968, native place: Pizhou, Jiangsu, achievements: founder of nine new dragon designs, founder of dragon calligraphy, founder of nine new magic turtle designs, founder of nine insect phoenix pattern Baihua seal calligraphy, national super calligrapher, national first-class artist, national senior calligrapher, national senior artist and five-star artist. The God of Shenzhou: Chinese Book God, Chinese Painting God, Kyushu Poetry God, Oriental Ci God, and International Art Master.

Founder of dragon school, painter, calligrapher, antique connoisseur, collector, epigrapher, immortal and geographer. His pseudonym: Xuan Huangzi. Alias: people from outer space. No.5: The First Man in 5000, the Master of Divine Talent, Longsou, Jiangbei Yibi, Zuo Jiangjun Chaoxi, Wanshitangzhu, guanyin temple Tangzhu, Xuanyu Jiuhong, Sansheng Shouzhu and Wanfo Hall Tangzhu established the "Sansheng Calligraphy and Painting Academy" to create calligraphy and painting works in silence.

Chen Jinhui is reputed as the first person in 5000 years and a master of divine talent in the calligraphy and painting circle. He is in the calligraphy and painting circle with superb artistic realm. The expression of the spirit and spirit in dragon calligraphy resonates with the appreciators and obtains the elegant spirit of Tao Zhi. Chinese children, overseas wanderers, have a profound artistic conception of their national character, their hearts are refreshed, and their passion and lofty sentiments are aroused. I am the descendant of the Chinese dragon. I should strive for self-improvement, unite as one, unite as one, unite as one, shake the earth and shake the mountains. Cathay Pacific believes in the Chinese dream, Dongfang Mingyang Huaxia dragon, prosperous Long Xing Wanguo Village, and the spiritual painting and calligraphy road of Chinese Kyushu painting and calligraphy.

Chen Jinhui was praised as the first person in 5000 and a master of divine talent in the calligraphy and painting circle, and he was a master of calligraphy and painting.

There are words to prove it:              

The meaning of the painting has no language to inspire China. Thunder from Kyushu Starts All Sides. When chaos first opened in the Ming and Qing dynasties, The dragon figure is colorless and I have color. Nine dragon shapes are now in the air. Sacred turtle presents auspicious 1999. Thunder blared the Long Xing of the universe, Ancient and modern cursive script immortal outside the law. Zhang Ba Zi Xia sent Xuanhong, The long river of calligraphy and painting is full of magic. At present, Xuan Huang's concept of romantic love, Out of Jin Hui for 5,000 years.

Exhibition of works:









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