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Various Types Of Slings For Lifting And Packing Items


Round sleeve sling is used for flexible lifting of goods with a national standard safety factor of; 6 times. Strapping Straps Tensioners are used for safe, fast and flexible strapping of goods. The product safety factor is 1.5 times, produced for the European standard series. Protective nets provide safety protection against falling cargoes during transport. Straps on trailers, Trailer ropes. Steel wire rope. Safety clothing. After TUY/GS/REN.ZHENG. Trailer rescue, the product can be elastic stretch. High strength, flexible and easy to carry. High strength fiber weave. Elastic packing tape Polyester fiber packing tape, also known as elastic packing tape. It is woven by multiple strands of high polymer polyester fiber, used to bundle scattered items and form a whole to play a bundling role. Stable effect.

One; synthetic fiber sling is made of high-strength polyester yarn woven. The sling is shock absorbing in the making. Non-corrosive. Non-conductive. And it will not produce sparks etc. in flammable and explosive environment. Two; its cross-sectional shape varies with the surface shape of the sling. And itself is very soft, easy to bend, and will cling to the surface of the object in the work or wrapIt will cling to the surface of the object or wrap around the lifting piece during work without damaging it. The same is to reduce the possibility of bouncing, reducing the possibility of injury. Three; the sling should avoid being affected by the sharp apparatus in the process of use When lifting goods with sharp corner edges or rough surfaces, the sling can be protected with corner guards to extend the service life of the sling. Four; In the lifting operation, it is strictly forbidden to tie knots to connect the sling. Please use the correct sling special connector for connection. Five; The sling body has a unique label and adopts international standards. The sling body has a unique label and adopts the international standard color to distinguish the carrying tonnage. There is also a black shaded line for easy identification. Six; 4--8 times of sling can be made according to customers' requirements. Seven; the elastic elongation of the sling is small and the working load is greater than one percent. Eight; The elastic elongation of the sling is smaller with a working load greater than one percent. Rupture load greater than ten percent. Working temperature is; -40 degrees Celsius - 100 degrees Celsius, suitable for safe, fast and flexible lifting of goods; products through the GS safety certification and IS09001; 2000 international management system, IS09001; 2000 international management system. The products have the characteristics of light weight, high load capacity, long life and low cost. Low cost and other characteristics.

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